Handcrafted with love

Inspired by the traditional architecture of Bosnia and Herzegovina our designs come to life. In a calm, earthy tones, they are beautifully and skillfully designed aiming to maintain and encourage the old handmade craft in order to preserve the cultural heritage of our country.

Therefore, Ilona is designed to make a subtle, elegant statement. That’s why the design language is so simple, and every single detail has been carefully considered and selected to create something discrete, but very special.

Key to success

Today, more than ever, we as consumers are passionate about products we buy, where they come from, who made them, from which materials they are created, how sustainable they are - and how long they last. It hurts us when resources are wasted and we care about the footprint we leave behind. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do from the first sketches to the final product.

leading passion

We belive that creativity unleashes your potential and happiness. When the world feels to be spinning faster by the hour, we find ourselves drawn to slow things. We are looking for calm, self-indulgent and mindful experiences, seeking the luxury of silent retreats, natural materials and inspiring surroundings.


At Vista design studio we are driven by creativity. We know that we can never stand alone in our efforts towards a more sustainable future. The best way to help and inspire us along the way is by collaborating with exciting partners, meeting unexpected collaborators, and joining creative communities.


Best quality

Simple, elegant, handcrafted and durable, made from organic cotton, naturally dyed. Every piece of our product, from the vawe work to the metal carriers, is handcrafted and unique. A timeless design that will adorn your living space endlessly.



For your order please contact us by e-mail: or WhatsApp: +38761631331


Environment safe

All our products are made of sustainable materials, organic and certified cotton with OEKO - TEX standard 100.